Details of pre-arrival registrations for Indians

The pre-arrival registration was started in January 2017 in an effort to create a faster documentation process for Indian nationals looking to visit Hong Kong. The process of receiving PARs is simple and straight-forward and allows people to handle it online. People interested have to go through a few questions about their travel before receiving their PARs.

Details about their validity

People who create PARs for themselves are allowed to enter and stay in the country for 14 days per visit. These are only valid for Hong Kong and allow for multiple entries to the territory. Travellers can stay in Hong Kong post the expiry of their PAR, as long as they entered while it was valid. Overall, the pre-arrival registration document is valid for two years once dispensed.

Basic passport rules

The people applying for a PAR should have Indian passports that have a minimum of six months before their expiry. Indian’s holding PARs are not allowed to work in Hong Kong. Even minors have to apply for a PAR if they are planning on travelling. Even if their names show up on their parent’s passports, they have to apply for one themselves. Age isn’t a barrier allowing people to refrain from getting one.

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals Application

All Indian nationals planning a trip to Hong Kong will need to complete a ‘pre-arrival registration’. A PAR is similar to a visa but for Indian nationals visiting Hong Kong. The process of receiving one is really simple and can be handled by just filling out an online form.

Apply For PAR

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