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Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals (PAR)

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Steps for PAR for Indian Nationals Online Application Process

  • STEP 1 Complete Online Application
  • STEP 2 Complete Payment Process
  • STEP 3 Receive Approved VISA Application

What are the requirements for a PAR? All Indian nationals are entitled to a PAR. All you would need is

  • Proof that you are an Indian national ( your passport should work)
  • Valid Indian Passport (for at least six months post the journey)

A PAR allows people who have applied for it to enter Hong Kong for the duration of 14 days per visit. If you are planning a longer trip, it would depend on the nature of the trip, and you would have to apply for a respective visa, ie. work, tourist etc. Furthermore, the rules are the same no matter what the mode of transportation is. Whether travelling by ship, or flight, you will have to show it on arrival.

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals Application

All Indian nationals planning a trip to Hong Kong will need to complete a ‘pre-arrival registration’. A PAR is similar to a visa but for Indian nationals visiting Hong Kong. The process of receiving one is really simple and can be handled by just filling out an online form.

Apply For PAR

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If you lose the PAR, we provide you with another one through your email ID. Personal information is encrypted and sent directly to the right authorities in Hong Kong.